Friday, February 06, 2015

Guess What ?!?

Hey Vancouver Island girls, I've got some fun news for you !!!


Any questions ?!? Email me at:

Call your girls and register now !!!

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Over on the Bella Blog .....

It is 'Pinterest Inspired' day over on the Bella Blvd. Blog today !!

This was the image that we were given to inspire us .....

...... and this is the layout that I created using the FABULOUS new Bella Blvd. products that are hitting stores this month !!!

Head on over to the Bella Blog right now and check out all the other designers beautiful projects .....

coming ASAP ...... Check back soon  !!!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

February already ......

Happy month of LOVE everyone !!  I've been gettin' crafty lately so get ready for some inspiration ..... but until then I want to share a few pics of what has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks !!

Not long before Christmas I found out that I had early onset, fast developing cataracts !!!!  Yes, I'm only 39 so I was like 'wait, i'm too young' but apparently not ...... so I saw some fabulous doctors and was scheduled to have my first lens replaced on January 14th ..... The wait could not have been longer !!!  My sight was getting worse every day ...... 

So I went in and they fixed one and the other one gets done on February 11th ..... I am desperately counting the days until I can see with BOTH eyes - what a concept ;))  I will still need readers for close up .... but hey, I am pushing 40 so that was bound to happen anyway !!!!

Outside of the fact that my eyesight is lopsided and it takes me 10 times longer to do anything .... I have been busy running my kiddos from one place to the next, taking care of our 2 high maintenance dogs and crafting when I get a moment !!

I've got more to share, some crafty goodness and even an announcement to make .... so i promise i will be posting again soon - like THIS WEEK .... so come on back and get in on it !!!

Oh, and it will involve a PRIZE or two !!!

TFL .... Talk soon.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015 !!!

Happy New Year !!  What a year this is going to be .... I can just feel it !!

2014 brought so many exciting times and ALOT of change for our family ...... We truly try to live every day and remember that every adventure is part of our journey.  I will turn 40 in 2015 and I am not sure how I feel about that quite yet .... so I'll get back to you closer to the date ( April ;))

December 30th marked the final day of a 9 year chapter of my life professionally.  I closed the doors to my scrapbooking store on Vancouver Island.  This was a very tough decision for me but one that I know was best for my family.  I've been ready to move forward and try new things and since moving to Calgary and I quickly realized that having a retail store so far away was not how I wanted it to continue ......  

...... having said that, it does NOT mean that I am stepping out of this industry. I absolutely LOVE creating and can't imagine not working with the incredible people I've met over the years ...... Closing the store just means I am heading in a new direction - one that I will let you in on as I make moves forward in the coming weeks and months !!!

I will also keep you up to date on all I have going on with my family and a few other little projects I am working on too ..... I am excited about this year and look forward to keeping in touch with you all here and through facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too !!!

In the meantime, I have lots of inspiration to share with you ..... pieces i've created in the past few months as well as projects I have in the works and will share soon .....

Some of you may have seen this layout recently ..... it is one that I created for Bella Blvd. a few weeks back and shared on their blog ..... Hope it will get you started on all your holiday photos from this Christmas :))

Thanks for stopping by .... Talk soon.

Monday, December 29, 2014

An Edwardson Christmas in Calgary

I had planned on posting this to y'all a few days back but clearly that didn't happen ;)

The days leading up to the holidays were wildly busy as I know they are for everyone.  The kids were in school right up until December 19th and boy were they ready for a break !!  Em has has A LOT of homework each night and has worked so hard in her first semester at her new school.  She loves it and has made some lovely friends ..... between her academics and her horses, she is one busy 14 year old.  

The Elf on the Shelf made his first appearance in our house this December and both the kids LOVED him.  Alex could not wait to wake up each morning to see what he had gotten into while they were sleeping.  He even brought some gifts throughout the month .... very much looking forward to seeing 'buddy' again next December !!


Alex finished up hockey on the 20th - 21st weekend with a fun tourney in the last couple of days before Christmas.  Scoring 2 goals in one game was an awesome way for him to break for the holidays :)) We even made it out to the 'Zoo Lights' at the Calgary Zoo ..... cold but very fun !!

Being in a new city on Christmas Eve had us joining good friends for a holiday church service and it was perfect.  We had chinese food after and played 'A Christmas Story Monopoly' too ...... 


Christmas morning was AMAZING .... having Scott home this year again was such a treat and we took full advantage of it !!  Up to my brother's for dinner with the family and then home to enjoy all the kids gifts in the evening .....

The kids wanted to do some Boxing Day shopping (BEST. MOM. EVER.) ..... Alex and Scott went to 2 stores that they wanted to shop in and then headed home for the afternoon while Em and I braved Chinook Centre - CRAZY !!! 

 I'd never seen anything like it ..... and may not go on Boxing Day ever again !!! Em got lots of deals using her gift cards and left happy ..... all in all it was a super fun day with my girl :))

After one more day of riding, we packed up and headed back to our house on Vancouver Island ..... After a little bit of work, we will have time for a week of relaxing and visiting with friends - CAN'T WAIT !!!

Talk soon ....

Friday, December 12, 2014

A new beginning ......

As many of you know, I have been the owner of an amazing little scrapbook store called Scrapbookin' Adventures since I opened it in the Fall of 2006 ...... It has brought me many many joys and I've built friendships that I know will last for many years to come.

I have enjoyed being a business owner immensely, but since we've moved to Calgary, managing a business in another province has proved to be more than I am wanting to continue on with .....

..... I made the tough decision to send out this letter yesterday to all our customers and friends .....

Dear Scrapbookin' Adventures customers and friends,

After much thought and many sleepless nights, I have made the tough decision to close the Nanaimo location of Scrapbookin' Adventures. As many of you know, I built this store from scratch in my little office with my new baby boy over my shoulder almost 9 years ago. It has seen many incredible successes and I have made friendships that I know will last long beyond the closing of these doors.

Each and every one of you has played a part in this journey, but I am ready to move on. We all grow and change and then hopefully we document it. This business was built on relationships and was designed to help you create albums to house the amazing memories you experience with your families. I want you to continue to do that in any way you can, for as long as you can because it is so important.

I believe in memory keeping in whatever form you choose to do it. Traditional scrapbooking, pocket pages, mini albums, embellished frames throughout your home and beautiful cards filled with photos and mailed to family and friends. It all matters and it all means so much. Don't stop because this space is no longer here for you to come into each week. Clear a table or two in your home, call the girls and then open a bottle of wine and continue to make and document your memories ..... (do it now before you have one too many glasses of wine and then forget :)

I have had the most wonderful time with this little store over the years but it is time for a new adventure. Though the doors may close on December 30th for the last time in Nanaimo, I have not closed the door on my creativity and you will see me again .....

HINT: If you still want to play along make sure to follow my blog starting in January 2015 for changes as they

Thank you all for everything you have done to make my time as the owner of Scrapbookin' Adventures such an incredible experience ......

I wish you all the best always ....
j. xo

The reaction has been mixed, but mostly very positive and encouraging. I know many people are sad, including my staff, but it was the best thing for me. I've been trying to put it off for a very long time but now I needed to do this for me.

I am ready for a new chapter and as I said in my letter, I have been creating all along and I have plans for my future beyond my scrapbook store ....

So make sure to keep checking back here for lots of changes in the new year ...... I can't wait to share my new adventures with you !!!!

Talk soon ....